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New York -- In April 2012, the metropolitan communities of New York City and Washington, D.C., will celebrate Turkic music and culture through a symphony orchestra and choral performance entitled "TURKSOY Presents: Symphony of Voices from Turkic Lands." The International Organization of Turkic Culture (TURKSOY) proudly presents the celebrated Turkish composer Ahmed Adnan Saygun's (1907-1991) magnum opus "Yunus Emre Oratorio" under the name of Symphny of Voices from Turkic Lands. Turkish modes and folk melodies are both incorporated into Saygun's masterful oratorio, which was inspired by the thirteenth-century Turkish poet Yunus Emre.

Conducted by Professor Rengim Gökmen,"Symphony of Voices from Turkic Lands" will bring the sounds Ahmed Adnan Saygun's masterful "Yunus Emre Oratorio" to life on the impressive stages of the Avery Fisher Hall and the Strathmore Music Center on April 23 and 25 respectively. The concert will feature the TURKSOY Symphony Orchestra, which is composed of 80 distinguished performers from several Turkic nations, and the New-York based Jonathan Griffith Singers. The performance is approximately an hour in length.

To purchase tickets for the New York performance visit, for the D.C. performance visit

Masterpiece of Turkish Culture: The "Yunus Emre Oratorio" of Ahmed Adnan Saygun

One of the most important representatives of early Turkish mysticism, 13th-century poet Yunus Emre devoted himself to the themes of divine love and human destiny.

20th-century musician Ahmed Adnan Saygun's interpretation of Emre's work incorporates Turkish modes and folk melodies into a post-romantic-style oratorio.

One of the most famous Turkish musicians, Ahmed Adnan Saygun's international acclaim flourished from the "Yunus Emre Oratorio." Composed in 1946, the oratorio has been translated into five languages and performed worldwide, including an English-language performance at the United Nations in 1958.

TURKSOY Presents: Symphony of Voices from Turkic Lands is a response to popular demand. In March 2011,TURKSOY presented performances of Turkic songs and dances to more than 1,300 theater-goers at Washington, D.C.'s historic Lincoln Theatre.

Concert Credits

TURKSOY Presents: Symphony of Voices from Turkic Lands is sponsored by the Promotion Fund of the Prime Ministry of Turkey and co-sponsored by the U.S. Azeris Network, the U.S. Turkic Network, the Governorship of Eskisehir, the Greater Municipality of Eskisehir, and the embassies of Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, and Turkey. Also co-produced by Vokaliz Management, the Karabakh Foundation and New York based DCINY.

TURKSOY -- International Organization of Turkic Culture

TURKSOY is an international organization, which was established in 1993 with the objective to strengthen cooperation between Turkic peoples. With its focus on culture and the arts for the past 20 years, the organization consists of 6 founding members, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan and and 8 observer members including Altay (RF), Bashkortostan (RF), Gagauzia (Moldavia), Hakasia (RF), Northern Cyprus of the Turkish Republic, Saha-Yakut (RF), Tataristan (RF), Tıva (RF).

In 1992, the Ministers of Culture from Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, 
Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and Turkey convened in Istanbul and 
Baku, and agreed upon a joint initiative aiming to establish cultural
cooperation. Later, in the meeting held in Almaty on July 12, 1993, "Agreement on the Principles of the Foundation
and Activities of TURKSOY" was signed and the "Joint Administration
 of Turkic Culture and Art" which is presently named as "The
 International Organization of Turkic Culture (TURKSOY)" was established.

As one of the leading voices in its field, TURKSOY aims at the preservation, revitalization and development of Turkic culture around the world. Through such cooperation, the organization seeks to forge close links among its Member States and other countries in order to establish greater understanding between peoples and thus contribute to the consolidation of international peace and security.

In order to achieve its objectives, TURKSOY has, since its founding, collaborated with influential international bodies with shared interests such as UNESCO and ISESCO.

The headquarters of TURKSOY is in Ankara, Turkey and the official language is Turkish. The Permanent Council of Ministers of Culture is the highest body of the organization, which is followed by the Term Coordinator, General Secretariat and the representatives of the member states.

Dusen Kaseinov, currently serving as Secretary General, was unanimously elected in the 24th term of the Permanent Council of TURKSOY in 2008. He is the former Minister of Culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Special Mission Ambassador of the Kazakhstan Republic Ministry of Culture, and former president of Kurmangazi State Conservatory.

The Goals

The principle goals of TURKSOY are:

•To establish friendly relations among the Turkic language speaking nations and to explore, protect, improve and spread knowledge of common Turkic culture, literature, history, arts, customs and traditions

•To transfer the knowledge of common Turkic culture to future generations through campaigns and joint initiatives

•To support scientific research envisaging the common history of the Turkic World, as well as the languages, literature, culture and arts.

•To provide support for new cultural initiatives while considering new trends in cultural movements and international relations.

Fields of Study

Some of the most notable activities that TURKSOY carries out each year include the traditional Nevruz celebrations, gatherings of artists and writers, organization of opera days, exhibitions, scientific research, festivals and concerts.

Some other activities include:

•Producing radio and television programmes, documentaries and films which aim at illuminating the shared cultural and artistic treasure among Turkic countries.

•Organizing performances and festivals including operas, ballets, concerts and folk dances.

Publishing periodicals and other literary materials.

•Organizing commemoration ceremonies in the name of the people who have exerted tremendous effort in improving the studies in the fields of Turkic language, history, culture and arts.

•Holding scientific meetings, namely conferences, symposia and panels that address the goals of TURKSOY.

•Establishing cooperation in the fields of culture, education and arts.

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